The Black Feminist Geek Is Going On Hiatus!

Yep, you read that correctly, folks. I’m taking a break from calling out the BS in black culture, trying my best to contribute a little black girl positivity into the world, and basically being the biggest fangirl ever to re-evaluate and re-charge. Continue reading “The Black Feminist Geek Is Going On Hiatus!”


Here’s Why You Should Love Long-Term Goals

Not to be dramatic, but long-term goals have saved my life.

Ok, that’s totally dramatic, but let me explain. Continue reading “Here’s Why You Should Love Long-Term Goals”

Are You Too Hard On Yourself? Here’s How To Stop Kicking Your Own Ass

I did all the things I was supposed to. I was quick to cheer others on. I could look at someone and find a dozen things to compliment them on in under a minute. I smiled a lot, said yes a lot, and embodied the kind of person that I’d want to meet. Continue reading “Are You Too Hard On Yourself? Here’s How To Stop Kicking Your Own Ass”

A Word About Change: What Destroys Must Also Rebuild


I started this year off in a strange, strange place.

It feels like a lot has changed. And like most changes in life, it feels too sudden. It came with too little warning – at least, that I was willing to see – and I feel unsettled inside. I wish I could get my insides to untwist themselves. I wish I could smooth myself down like fresh asphalt. Continue reading “A Word About Change: What Destroys Must Also Rebuild”

America Elected A Bigot. Now What?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by the electoral college.

The election (aka the beginning of this particularly depressing dystopian novel that we’re all currently living in) (jk!) (kinda.) was weeks ago. Since then, I’ve gone through my stages. I’ve felt hopeless, I’ve done the anger thing, I’ve pointed fingers, but you know what? It’s time to move on. Continue reading “America Elected A Bigot. Now What?”