Not All Black Girls Can Dance


No one is safe from the twerk police.

After separate videos of Malia Obama and Serena Williams dancing hit the internet, I’ve seen people blasting both of them for not being able to dance, and I am at a loss. Continue reading “Not All Black Girls Can Dance”


Amandla Stenberg Is The Black Feminist Icon Your Little Sister Needs


If you’d told me ten years ago that a bisexual black feminist with natural hair would make the cover of Teen Vogue, I never would have believed you.

But Amandla Steinberg – actress, activist, all around badass – not only graces the February cover, but was interviewed by one of the founding feminists of Black Girl Magic, Solange Knowles, and filmed a dope video campaign to go along with it. And let me tell you – the interview is so good, I just might go out and pick up a physical copy. Continue reading “Amandla Stenberg Is The Black Feminist Icon Your Little Sister Needs”

Here’s Why Ayesha Curry’s Comments On Modesty Were Out Of Line

Once again, those with sizable platforms are using those platforms to spout the same old sexist nonsense.

But let me backtrack a bit. Ayesha Curry, wife of basketballer Steph Curry, shook things up when she shared her views on fashion via Twitter over the weekend. A brief recap: Continue reading “Here’s Why Ayesha Curry’s Comments On Modesty Were Out Of Line”

Why I Blog About Race

I don’t remember what we were talking about, or how we got around to the topic. I don’t remember how I ended up pulling out my phone, or what prompted me to start reading internet comments aloud, my voice getting faster and faster as my repulsion grew. Continue reading “Why I Blog About Race”