Not All Black Girls Can Dance


No one is safe from the twerk police.

After separate videos of Malia Obama and Serena Williams dancing hit the internet, I’ve seen people blasting both of them for not being able to dance, and I am at a loss. Continue reading “Not All Black Girls Can Dance”


The Unlovable Black Woman Does Not Exist

Do me a favor. Go to Google. Type in “black woman single.” Ok, now count how many articles pop up that have headlines like “This is why I don’t like black women” and “This is what black women should do if they want a man.” Stereotypes, misogynoir, blah blah blah, yawn.

Can you imagine if black men were treated like this? As if their being unwanted was a simple fact, and the whole world jumped in to tell them how to fix themselves? And can you imagine if the basis of their being unloveable was that they were just too damn educated/successful/confident? Let’s talk about this. Continue reading “The Unlovable Black Woman Does Not Exist”

Icon Status: Octavia Butler

The first time I saw a photo of Octavia Butler, I didn’t know who she was. I was searching for stock images of black women to use for a power point presentation. The presentation would accompany a dramatic reading of the poem “Four Women” by Nina Simone. My group members had instructed me to find a few photos of black women to float in the background while they recited each verse. Continue reading “Icon Status: Octavia Butler”

When did you first know you were a nerd?

Definitions are funny things. There are endless debates over the difference between nerds and geeks. Personally, I couldn’t care less; whether I say nerd or geek, you know what I mean. Someone linked me to an article from 2010 that asked a question that I just can’t stop contemplating: when did you first know? Whether you prefer to call yourself a nerd or a geek, when did you first know that you consumed media just a little bit differently than the average consumer?

Continue reading “When did you first know you were a nerd?”