Are You Afraid To Be Happy?

It sounds like something you’d hear on an¬†episode of Oprah or find slapped across the cover of a self-help book in the bargain bin:¬†Are you afraid to be happy?

Yeah, like I’m afraid to win the lottery and see Tom Hardy naked. Continue reading “Are You Afraid To Be Happy?”


A Word About Change: What Destroys Must Also Rebuild


I started this year off in a strange, strange place.

It feels like a lot has changed. And like most changes in life, it feels too sudden. It came with too little warning – at least, that I was willing to see – and I feel unsettled inside. I wish I could get my insides to untwist themselves. I wish I could smooth myself down like fresh asphalt. Continue reading “A Word About Change: What Destroys Must Also Rebuild”