Merry Christmas, Hermione Is Black!


A lot of us have been saying it for years now: Hermione is black. Bushy hair, buck teeth, and Britishness aren’t exclusive to white people, so why the hell couldn’t Hermione be a woman of color?

J.K. Rowling agrees. Not enough to have cast a non-white girl in the films back when such a move really could have made an impact, but I digress.

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‘Underground’ Is The Slavery Drama You Need To Get Excited About


One of the greatest crimes of mainstream media is that there aren’t more stories about slavery being told.┬áSure, A&E has that Roots remake in the works (starring T.I., among others. I know, right? Wtf?), but let’s get rid of the idea that there can only be one interpretation when it comes to shared black experiences. Continue reading “‘Underground’ Is The Slavery Drama You Need To Get Excited About”